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On-site assessments and consultations

Assessments and consultations

The team at ASA consult and frame on-site at client venues on a regular basis. This service can include condition reports for existing frames, advice on upgrading deteriorating frame materials, de-framing artworks for further examination and reframing, and on-site design consultation.

This means that bringing a large, fragile or valuable artwork to our workshop is not always necessary.
ASA can assess your existing framed artwork in-situ in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

As Conservation Framing is a relatively recent consideration, it is important to regularly inspect all framed artworks to make sure that inferior framing materials are not causing damage to your framed work. Even today, it is very common for acidic materials to be used by (non-conservation) picture framers. If acid is present in an existing frame package it will cause yellow staining and weaken the artwork over time. Picture framing glass can also encourage condensation and therefore mould-growth, especially when used in combination with a porous backing board which allows moisture to enter the frame. The way an artwork is fixed within a frame is another important consideration. Mounting/hinging is a specialised area requiring experience and care. If an artwork has been mounted in the wrong way, this can lead to 'cockling' or may even allow the artwork to come loose in the frame.