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Above: Carl Plate; Untitled 1974, Unititled 1969 and multistrip collage 'Tunis'

" ASA Conservation Framing was recommended to me by a paper conservator at the Art Gallery of NSW. I needed to mount a collection of fragile paper collages in order to exhibit and conserve these and other works. I worked with ASA over several years on this large project.
In every regard - from framing advice, use of highest quality materials and care in handling the delicate art works - their work has been exemplary.
It has been a pleasure to work with ASA and I highly recommend their services. "
Cassi Plate, July 2009

Above: Gillian Bennett; M.R.B. thinking about consciousness - detail

" The framing company ASA Conservation Framing was recommended to me by the Conservation Department at the Art Gallery of NSW. At the time I was searching for a framer who was an expert at handling paper and who would know the best way to present my very large charcoal drawings.
One of these drawings was pyramid shaped on five sheets of A3 paper.
Jochen Letsch at ASA produced solutions that were immensely sensitive to the imagery and the materials involved; the works were mounted and framed with great expertise.
Additional care was also to the work given by Jochen and June Andersen when it was hanging in the Art Gallery.
This team offered the highest professional standard of framing and sensitivity to my artwork.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend them unreservedly. "
Gillian Bennett, January 2008