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Pricing Conservation Framing

Through the choice of Conservation Framing, you have access to the same superior quality materials and techniques that are used the world over in Museums and Galleries in order to display and preserve art.

Cheap framing can come at a high cost since it does not focus on preserving your framed item. Unfortunately, most damage to artwork is done by the choice of inexpensive harmful framing materials and quick non-reversible mounting techniques. Repairs to damaged artwork are costly and not always possible.

Conservation Framing will often not be the lowest price choice but it will certainly be the highest quality choice in terms of materials used and in terms of attention to detail in techniques applied.

Conservation Framing creates a safe environment for your artworks to be displayed and admired as well as 'stored' in order to keep it's beauty and value into the future. The marginally higher cost of framing is far outweighed by these benefits.

Here at ASA we pride ourselves in our pursuit of excellence and quality, we strife to offer products and services of exceptional quality and value for money.